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Kathleen Golden, M.S., LAc provides Chinese medicine to benefit those seeking its curative and well-being potentials. 

Eight Red Garnets Wellness Center offers multiple services using East Asian Healing Arts.


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It is a privilege to offer Chinese medicine to benefit those seeking its curative and wellbeing potentials.

Kathleen Golden, M.S., LAc strives to extend her practice of Chinese medicine to embrace and serve the myriad of diversity in New York; this includes the marvelous variety of cultural, socio-economic, professional and health status humans that choose to visit or call New York home.

If one uses the analogy of a tree to understand the dissemination of Chinese medicine, it may be described thus: the seed was planted by “heaven”, the roots are in China, the trunk is in East Asia and the branches extend to all continents. As such, an individual of any culture may benefit from Chinese medicine and the myriad of therapies it contains.  

Health is a delicate balance of the body, the mind and the spirit. By working with physical disorders and mental distractions or discomforts it is possible to ease suffering and achieve harmony.

Chinese medicine, as it is shared by Kathleen Golden, strives to treat the body and the mind and to have both curative and preventive effects. By catering to the various needs of the muscular, digestive, circulatory, glandular, lymphatic, nervous and other systems of the body, change may occur at multiple levels; from the physical to the so called spiritual.  

Chinese medicine may serve as a primary intervention for a particular health issue or it may be implemented as a thread in a tapestry of multiple health care paradigms to support individual health care needs.  

If you have an interest in exploring Chinese medicine, please feel free to contact Kathleen Golden and discuss whether you would be served by this practice. 

Why Eight Red Garnets?

Many ask how I came to the business name of Eight Red Garnets; well, I was deep in the study of stone medicine as practiced in the Chinese medicine lineage of my teacher, Master J. Yuen, when I was thinking about a business name and so went with the influence of the power of stones. There were many propitious stones to choose from but I landed on Red Garnets for a few reasons and as with the energy of stones, that for the most part, move slowly and reveal themselves more fully over time, the reasons behind this choice have become more and more relevant as the years in the practice of Acupuncture/Chinese medicine unfold.  

There is a tradition that discusses red garnets as creating an energetic opportunity for success in business, especially for women. This is relevant beyond the obvious. It is important when practicing any art, including the art of Chinese medicine, to have a stable vessel that allows the practitioner of the art to be secure. With a vessel that is secure one is able to be focused, intelligent, intuitive and creative in sharing the art. To have a successful business allows me to participate in sharing the art of Chinese medicine without distractions.   

And of course, the number choice. The number eight is an auspicious number in Chinese medicine numerology and enhances the prospect of wisdom, infinite opportunities, and the energetics of prosperity.  

Since our main concern together is enhanced health, let's discuss how red garnets affect that work. What do we do with states of imbalance or disease in body, mind or spirit? We seek to dissolve ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serve and heal fragmented patterns on any level, either of an acute or chronic nature. Red garnets specifically support this type of healing process.   

Furthermore, red garnets are symbolic of the pomegranate seeds and seeds are representative of new potential, transformation and growth. The red garnets symbolize regeneration, revitalization and stability, they can bring order to chaos in illness or any life challenge.  

On many levels the red garnets symbolize the mission of the Wellness Center to support the people who share in its energetics to transform whatever ails them and regenerate to a state of vitality and a renewed sense of interest in their life in body, mind and spirit. This is apropos whether in the early stages of the life journey or negotiating the phases of later steps along the way.  

The red color of the garnets, reflective of the heart, also encourages self love and self care; this is crucial to health, healing and a state of well-being.

You can see I carefully chose a name that, while not so expected for a Chinese medicine practice/Wellness Center, has true resonance with the mission of our work together. I hope the story behind the Red Garnets inspires you and encourages you to continue to pursue, step by step, the balance and harmony in health that you so deserve to experience.