Fees & Scheduling


Initial Intake with Treatment: $150.00 (Please allow a possible 90 minutes)

Follow-Up Care: $135.00 (Please allow a possible 75 minutes)

The use of herbals or other home care options are not included in the listed fees and will be discussed on an individual, as needed, basis.

Cash, check, or Venmo are the accepted form of payments. (No credit or debit cards)

Please make check payable to: Eight Red Garnets, LLC

At this time the office does not work directly with medical insurance coverage, we are happy to supply the patient with a super bill that may be submitted to an insurance company for processing. Please check with your individual medical insurance carrier to assess reimbursement policies.

Many patients use their flexible spending accounts for acupuncture treatments. Check with your employer’s Human Resources Department to assess your options. 

Fees are subject to change with appropriate notification.


We are glad to schedule a compatible time to suit your schedule. Treatment is available Monday through Friday: Morning, Afternoon, Evening.

Appointments and cancellations require 48 hour notice, please leave a telephone message or Email message.

Messages are retrieved and returned Monday through Friday, unless other wise discussed due to individual circumstances. However, if there is an issue or question regarding after effects of a treatment or herbals ALWAYS call the office and leave a message, with a phone number, so a response may be made in a timely fashion.

What to Expect

  • It is recommended that a patient not be too hungry or too full for acupuncture treatment but feel comfortable in both food and water intake. If one drinks caffeine, it should be consumed at least two hours prior to treatment to receive the full benefit of pulse assessment and the calming potential of acupuncture.
  • It is highly recommended that a patient not consume alcohol or mood altering substances 24 to 48 hours prior to, or after, an acupuncture treatment. This does not include any medical prescriptions, all medical prescription schedules should be adhered to.
  • It is suggested that one try to set aside some time after treatment to integrate the effects.
  • Appropriate covering will be provided for treatment, so you may wear any clothing you like. Please, always wear undergarments to your appointment.
  • Female patients in reproductive years should inform the practitioner if they are pregnant, lactating, attempting to become pregnant or menstruating.
  • All changes to health status, medications or circumstances in a patient’s life should be shared with the practitioner in order to ensure the most appropriate treatment for that session.
  • HIPPA compliance is in effect and all information is confidential.
  • Please arrive on time but no more than ten minutes early and call if you are running behind schedule; a grace period of ten minutes is extended for New York City life but beyond that, treatment may need to be rescheduled.
  • As much notice as possible of reschedule or cancellation is greatly appreciated.
  • A 48 hour cancellation policy is in effect, barring extenuating circumstances.
  • The best possible professional effort is made to achieve positive treatment outcomes based on the patient signs and symptoms; however, there is no guarantee of a specific outcome due to the diversity of individual human circumstances that exist in all situations.
  • At the Wellness Center, Ms. Golden seeks to provide a space of comfort where health and wellbeing can be cultivated and extended into one’s daily life, let us know if there is any way to further assist you in this endeavor.

New Patients

If you are a new patient, please fill out both pages of the New Patient Intake form and bring them with you to the appointment.

Click and download the New Patient Intake Forms below.