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External Therapies

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services


Acupuncture Needles, Moxibustion, Cupping, Guasha, Medicinal Grade Essential Oils, TDP Heat Lamp, Healing with Stones and Gems.

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services


Therapeutic treatment evaluation according to the theories of Chinese medicine.

Internal Therapies

Therapeutic Services

Internal Therapies


Traditional Herbals, Nutritional Supplements, Food Choices, Lifestyle Adjustments.

Therapeutic Services

The therapeutic treatment you will participate in involves the evaluation of the patient according to the theories of Chinese medicine. Kathleen Golden will employ the theories by listening to the patient, as well as application of the diagnostic observation of the tongue and holding of the radial artery pulse. A pattern of disharmony within the body will be assessed according to the Chinese medicine approach and a personalized treatment strategy devised and implemented. 

External Therapies


Acupuncture needles are thin and filiform; they work with prescribed acupuncture points that traverse many interwoven internal and external channels. The points have been used therapeutically for over three thousand years. The needles are very thin, almost a hair like gauge; they are absolutely nothing like a hypodermic needle. The feeling one has with acupuncture needles is not perceived as disagreeable rather, it is a tingle sensation that can be adjusted if requested.  

The needles used are always sterile, disposable, one time only use and post treatment are stored in a medical waste container; the container is shipped to a medical waste disposal site according to OSHA regulations.


This therapy involves the use of the herb mugwort, (artemisia vulgaris). Mugwort is used to warm and nourish the body. This therapy may be used to treat issues of internal cold, weakness, recovery from childbirth, illness or surgery. 

TDP Heat Lamp

The lamp, like moxibustion, may be used to add warmth and healing to an acupuncture treatment.


Glass cups are applied to the skin and create a suction to support the healing process. This therapy may be used in cases of a common cold, muscular tension, stagnation or pain.   



A guasha tool may be used with a healing oil to affect a “sha” or release response and speed recovery from a common cold, muscular tension, stagnation or pain.        

Medicinal Grade Essential Oils

Due to the botanical nature of essential oils and their long history in medical use among many cultures, they have a natural place in the compendium of therapies available for use in a Chinese medicine practice. The oils may be used in an acupuncture treatment to enhance the therapeutic or energetic effect.

In all mentioned therapies, patient skin and aroma sensitivity are always considered and appropriate, individualized adjustments made. 

Internal Therapies

Traditional Herbals

Chinese herbals or Western herbals may be suggested to support home care for a particular pattern of disharmony.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements may be suggested to support home care for various disharmonies in the body.     


Food Choices

Chinese medicine has long employed the use of food choices to help heal body disharmony or support a healthy lifestyle. Appropriate choices based on a Chinese medicine observation of a person’s nutritional needs may be suggested.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Chinese medicine has a long history of observing the relationship of a person to their environment and how their life may be in, or out of, harmony based on the five element theory. Lifestyle adjustments to support health, or healing, based on the Chinese medicine approach may be suggested.